Onion, Chives, Leek, and Shallot


Foliar Diseases:
(Fungal Diseases)
Botrytis Diseases (2)
Downy Mildew (2)
Powdrey Mildew (2)
Purple Blotch (2)
Rust (2)
Stemphytium Leaf Blight

(Phytoplasma Diseases)
Aster Yellows

(Viral Diseases)
Onion Yellow Dwarf
Shallot Latent Virus
Garlic Mosaic

(Parasitic Plants)

Diseases of Subterrian Parts:
(Fungal Diseases)
Charcoal Rot
Fusarium Basal Plate Rot (2)
Fusarium Basal Rot for Garlic
Fusarium Damping Off
Pink Root (2)
Pythium Seed Rot
Rhizoctonia Seed Rot
Southern Blight
White Rot (2)

(Bacterial Diseases)
Slippery Skin
Soft Rot

(Nematode Diseases)
Lesion Nematode
Root Knot Nematode
Stem and Bulb Nematode